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Meet Coco

Everyone enjoys a story with a happy ending. Coco is a victim of a puppy farm who now enjoys two loving homes. Coco can no longer go to work with her dog mom so she lives with her other dog mom during the work week. She has a great personality and loves people.

What’s up buttercup Brody? Brody is learning to love a second home, with weekend trips to a fixer upper cottage. He enjoys the adventure of new fields and a lake shore to explore.

On the walk towards the buttercups this delicate creature flit from one dandelion to the next just ahead of Brody. Does the song about the Dog & Butterfly come to mind?

Brody Bouquet and tip of the day

An art deco glass table was a fun discovery at the cottage. No umbrella for the holder yet, so the turn table from the microwave covers the hole and works as a lazy susan for condiments or buttercups!

Why buttercup, if He did not love you, would He ever have made you at all? Would He have put that beautiful golden color on you? Would He have made your petals so perfect, your stem so straight, your cup so round and even?

Hariet Hamilton

Brody likes the destination and the fun but he is still getting used to car trips. If you like Brody and want to give him a virtual hug, let him know and keep that tail wagging.


Dedicated to Moms

Dog moms and human moms are like angels
protecting and guiding those they love.
Brody is no angel while on the hunt for bunny rabbits!
This “wabbit” got away Elmer Fudd style….hahahaha!

Brody bouquet and quote of the day

“If love is as sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.”

Stevie Wonder

Brody fell asleep on an old book from the 50’s under an angel. Brody where did you go in your dreams? Were you “off leash” and running free like someone left the gate open? Brody hopes all your dreams come true. If you think Brody is dreamy, let him know and keep that tail wagging.

Meet Bella Bunny

Bella is a sweet old faithful friend. Brody wants to know what is going on! The world has gone spring crazy.

Bunnies are popping up everywhere!

Andrew (Bubby)



Butterfly and Lily

Brody trick/tip of the day

For your table centerpiece, let the container inspire the colors of the arrangement.

The table service could be your inspiration for what will hold the flowers.

Brody is a somebunny who loves you, photo bombing Jake loves everyone. Keep it hopping, let your love for Brody and Jake hop their way and keep those tails wagging!

Brody the Mini Wookie

Sometimes Brody vocalizes like Chewbacca (Chewie) from the Star Wars movies. This happens when his loved one appears through the door after being away on an outing.

Brody bouquet and quote of the day

“Uuuuuuuuur Ahhhhrrrrrr Uhrrrr Ahhhhrrrrrr Aaaarhg…”



“OOOOOH you are home! Oh happy day! Let’s party! Let’s dance to my song! Let me give you a whooping wiggly wookie sized hug.”

Brody trick/tip

In the past year many suit jackets and blazers sat in the closet collecting dust. Hanging the jacket but not the sleeves inside out will protect the shoulders.

The little lamb did not respond to Brody’s question, “Do you like me?”
If you want to respond to Brody, let him know you like him and keep his tail wagging.


Brody arrived when he was a puppy in time for a birthday. The birthday boy had one dachshund but decided who can stop at just one. Kind of like the potato chip brand.

Brody and dachshund number one, Jake, enjoyed a day or two of 66 degrees weather and pure blue sunshine skies. It is nice to have a walk about and see what made it through the snow and the wind.

It’s amazing what can hang on all winter. Some milkweeds by the pond still had the feathery parachute and seed combination intact. Brody sent them sailing to make a way for new plants to spring up, a snack for caterpillars who will turn into butterflies.

Brody bouquet and thought of the day

What looked dead in the ground is alive again. Spring is miraculous!

Brody trick/tip

This SaraLee Brioche makes wonderful french toast. It soaks up the egg and milk mixture so well. It is thick enough to poke fresh or frozen blueberries into it as the first side cooks. Be warned because after one you will want S’more.

To elevate a traditional S’more at the campfire, place fresh raspberries on the chocolate before adding the marshmallow.

Brody and Jake scored a few bites of graham crackers by the first campfire of spring.

Knickknack patty wack give a dog a bone! One of Brody’s neighbors just had to buy this as a gift and it is perfect. The empty bench was also a perfect perch to add two pups fashioned from polymer clay.

Brody wants the sunshine of spring or the warmth of cozy fire to encourage you this spring. If Brody warms your heart and you want S’more of Brody, let him know and keep that tail wagging.

Good Morning Mr. Sunshine

Oh the day when it’s not quite spring but it feels like spring and the birds make it sound like spring. On this sunny day Brody enjoys a soft warm breeze blowing his fur. The remains of a few snow mounds remind us of the saying, “In like a lion, out like a lamb.”

Some patches of snow near lake Ontario only enhance the lovely view.

Brody bouquet and quote of the day

Brody’s neighbor sent this tulip photo to brighten up our day!

The first blooms of spring always make my heart sing.”

S. Brown

Brody trick/tip of the day

For a small bathroom hanging a shelf upside down provides extra storage options.

A bar attached to a shelf can double for a towel rack.

If you sing a bar or two to Brody, he will look at you like you are a star performer!

You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy

When skies are grey

Brody hopes blessings shine on you today. If you like his sunny disposition, let him know and keep that tail wagging.

Brody the Wacky Bird Dog

Brody likes to spot birds and chase them, that is difficult to do when attached to a leash. He settles for being a hound dog going nose first after an animal trail.

Brody wacks the blinds on a door window to sound a “chime” because he wants to go out to play. He is like a kid who just learned school has closed for a snow day, jumping for joy to go out to play on a snow hill.

Wacky Birds can bring a smile to your face. Here Brody overlooks a Betty bouquet and a wacky bird made from an orange adorned with cutouts from decorative duck tape. This fruity bird is going in a gift basket for Brody’s neighbor.

“Sometimes we need to create reasons to laugh or even smile or else the day will be a total waste.” -Deeksha Arora

It’s fine to be a bit wacky these out of wack days. What is your favorite word on the list above? Hopefully you can slip it into conversation. Brody picks “cattywampus” and adds “wackadoodle” to the list. If you like Brody and want to lollygag with him, let him know and keep that tail wagging.

Brody is a Sweetheart

When you speak to Brody he looks at you intently hoping the next word out of your mouth will be “walk” or “treat.” If you sit on the couch, he sprints up a little ramp in a flash to curl up on your lap. He is right there ready to “help” with the chores or alert you to the “dangers” of the woodland creatures.

One summer day Brody spotted a deer and a blue heron . The heron likes to fish the pond, his nickname is Elvis.

Brody can’t say that he loves you but he displays unconditional love very well.


















Brody trick/tip

An easy way to pack for vacation is to use a bed if you have a spare bedroom. As you do laundry a week or so ahead, pile on to the bed what you plan to bring. You can hide this under the bedspread until you fill your suitcase.

Brody hopes you have unconditional love, peace and joy. If you like Brody and want be his valentine, let him know and keep that tail wagging!

Brody is Puzzled

Why just look at the snow? Let’s go out in the snow!

Brody does not like wet grass, he will go to great lengths to avoid it. Dachshunds specialize in great lengths so it’s not much of a stretch.

Brody does love snow.


There is a stark beauty to it all and even on a grey day Brody enjoys a romp around his pond playground.

After a string of grey days, a grocery store flower bouquet found its way home. Before being arranged, the flowers landed on their bloom heads falling from the shopping cart. The blooms also endured a snow storm getting to the car.

Brody bouquet and quote of the day

“You can be in the storm, but don’t let the storm be in you.”

Joel Osteen

Brody trick/tip

PupSocks is an online store, from your photo they make socks featuring your pet’s face. This pair features Andrew. Andrew happens to love socks so one may end up out in the garden or in a couch crevice.
Brody got his wish and his photo taken next to our very first snowdog. Brody hopes your wish comes true too. If you like Brody and his frozen friend, let him know and keep his tail wagging.

Meet 3 pound Macho

Macho is a mixed teacup terrier yorkie. He is a teacup full of cute. Macho was rescued by a women with an amazing love for people and pets.

“Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Brody trick/tip of the day

With a nod to the cooks who’s secret ingredient is love and to the lunch ladies of the 80’s, you can take your bagel to heavenly heights. Instead of toasting, butter one half and place the buttered side down to cook on a griddle. Lay 3 or 4 bowls or plates on top of the bagel to weigh it down. Check it every minute, it’s ready when the top side is golden brown. Top it off with you favorite toppings.

Little things can have big meaning and little things can have big hearts. Brody is extending virtual hugs and kisses to anyone feeling sadness or loneliness. If you like Brody, let him know and keep that tail wagging.