Brody the Wacky Bird Dog

Brody likes to spot birds and chase them, that is difficult to do when attached to a leash. He settles for being a hound dog going nose first after an animal trail.

Brody wacks the blinds on a door window to sound a “chime” because he wants to go out to play. He is like a kid who just learned school has closed for a snow day, jumping for joy to go out to play on a snow hill.

Wacky Birds can bring a smile to your face. Here Brody overlooks a Betty bouquet and a wacky bird made from an orange adorned with cutouts from decorative duck tape. This fruity bird is going in a gift basket for Brody’s neighbor.

“Sometimes we need to create reasons to laugh or even smile or else the day will be a total waste.” -Deeksha Arora

It’s fine to be a bit wacky these out of wack days. What is your favorite word on the list above? Hopefully you can slip it into conversation. Brody picks “cattywampus” and adds “wackadoodle” to the list. If you like Brody and want to lollygag with him, let him know and keep that tail wagging.

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Brody is a Sweetheart

When you speak to Brody he looks at you intently hoping the next word out of your mouth will be “walk” or “treat.” If you sit on the couch, he sprints up a little ramp in a flash to curl up on your lap. He is right there ready to “help” with the chores or alert you to the “dangers” of the woodland creatures.

One summer day Brody spotted a deer and a blue heron . The heron likes to fish the pond, his nickname is Elvis.

Brody can’t say that he loves you but he displays unconditional love very well.


















Brody trick/tip

An easy way to pack for vacation is to use a bed if you have a spare bedroom. As you do laundry a week or so ahead, pile on to the bed what you plan to bring. You can hide this under the bedspread until you fill your suitcase.

Brody hopes you have unconditional love, peace and joy. If you like Brody and want be his valentine, let him know and keep that tail wagging!

Brody is Puzzled

Why just look at the snow? Let’s go out in the snow!

Brody does not like wet grass, he will go to great lengths to avoid it. Dachshunds specialize in great lengths so it’s not much of a stretch.

Brody does love snow.


There is a stark beauty to it all and even on a grey day Brody enjoys a romp around his pond playground.

After a string of grey days, a grocery store flower bouquet found its way home. Before being arranged, the flowers landed on their bloom heads falling from the shopping cart. The blooms also endured a snow storm getting to the car.

Brody bouquet and quote of the day

“You can be in the storm, but don’t let the storm be in you.”

Joel Osteen

Brody trick/tip

PupSocks is an online store, from your photo they make socks featuring your pet’s face. This pair features Andrew. Andrew happens to love socks so one may end up out in the garden or in a couch crevice.
Brody got his wish and his photo taken next to our very first snowdog. Brody hopes your wish comes true too. If you like Brody and his frozen friend, let him know and keep his tail wagging.

Meet 3 pound Macho

Macho is a mixed teacup terrier yorkie. He is a teacup full of cute. Macho was rescued by a women with an amazing love for people and pets.

“Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Brody trick/tip of the day

With a nod to the cooks who’s secret ingredient is love and to the lunch ladies of the 80’s, you can take your bagel to heavenly heights. Instead of toasting, butter one half and place the buttered side down to cook on a griddle. Lay 3 or 4 bowls or plates on top of the bagel to weigh it down. Check it every minute, it’s ready when the top side is golden brown. Top it off with you favorite toppings.

Little things can have big meaning and little things can have big hearts. Brody is extending virtual hugs and kisses to anyone feeling sadness or loneliness. If you like Brody, let him know and keep that tail wagging.

Brody’s Winter Wonderland

Brody has a neighbor who spent Christmas alone for the first time in over 60 years. Brody suited up for an outdoor pet visit, his reindeer name is Brodylicious. This elf sized reindeer is so low to the ground he leaves snow angels along the way instead of reindeer tracks.

A good surprise happens when you look outside at a fairy tale view. An upside down view can be a surprise. The photo below is not a photo directly of the sky but a reflection of the sky in a pond on a summer day.

Brody Bouquet and quote of the day

A nice surprise is the discovery a plant will not only attract butterflies but will also work as a cut flower in an arrangement. The small orange flowers above are from the orange butterfly weed plant.

“Strength lies in differences not in similarities.”

Stephen Covey

Brody trick/tip of the day

Standard medical masks have comfortable ear elastic and a nose piece that works well. A medical mask will hold up to machine washing and the dryer. After it is washed you can cut out those useful parts and improve a homemade mask.

If you have owed a pet you know they provide many good surprises and a few bad ones along the way. A good surprise is finding the Chap Stick you accidentally washed before it went in the dryer and ruined your jeans.

Brodylicious is ready for up, up and away into 2021. His wagging tail gives him extra lift. Brody wants you to find many good surprises in 2021. He hopes you find health, peace, joy, blessings, and love. You can surprise Brody by letting him know you like him and keep that tail wagging.

Enjoy Jovial Jonah

Jonah the rough coat collie was a willing participant when his friend decked him out merry and bright. He may have been thinking, friend you are barking up the wrong tree!

True love means you stick by your friend even when they chew on your antlers.

Brody bouquet and quote of the day

Two cut out cookies sandwiched with frosting on a treat stick make a sweet holiday treat.

“Don’t feel as if you have to change the world. Just try to make your corner of it a little better.”

Cynthia L. Copeland

Brody trick/tip

If you run out of googly eyes, you can make eyes with a hole punch. They are not as good as the real thing but they are not too “baaaaad.”

No chestnuts to roast by the fire! Brody will have to settle for a bite of an indoor s’more without chocolate. Brody’s Christmas wish is for you to have s’more JOY PEACE and LOVE. Join Brody for Christmas even if it’s only in your dreams. Let him know you like him to keep that tail wagging.

Baby Brody

Brody’s first day in his forever home was a very good day!
A friend gave Brody a mini-me for his first Christmas. Brody hoped the package contained a treat.
Brody was ready for his first Christmas, all he needed was a red nose.
There is such a thing as a mini poinsettia. The plant is small, just about the width of a sharpie.

Notice the small things. The rewards are inversely proportional.

Liz Vassey

Brody trick/tip of the day

For hot dog cutout cookies just stretch and shape the dough and bake. Special thanks to Jake for modeling his sweater for the cookie creation!

Jake and Brody hope you have fond memories of the Holiday season.

If you think Jake and Brody look sharp in their outfits, let them know and keep those tails wagging.

Looking a Lot Like Christmas

On a stroll around the neighborhood, the Christmas lights are popping up. Brody is a nice boy about the lights but he is a bit naughty about the blow up lawn decorations. He has to announce with loud barks for everyone to beware of the large polar bear in that lawn!

Being adorable soft and cuddly keeps Brody off the naughty list.

Brody was in danger of receiving coal for Christmas when he took a bite or two out of a sentimental anniversary card.

Brody bouquet and word of the day

Remember to take a bite or two out of something good while you enjoy the Christmas season.

Brody trick/tip

Remove garlic smell from your hands by rubbing them on stainless steel under running water.

Charlie Brown said to Linus, “I shouldn’t have picked this little tree.”

Brody is a little thing but he brings big joy. Enjoy the little things, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things. Let’s try to stay off the naughty list and share peace on earth and goodwill toward men. So to encourage Brody to stay on the “nice list”, let him know you like him and keep that tail wagging.

Brody is on the Lookout

On Brody’s walk around the pond there is a huge rock. It is the perfect perch for the “Mayor” to see a squirrel or a deer in the woods.

Some youngsters aware of Brody’s squirrel interest created a Lego fortress, built so a squirrel can be safe and store nuts.

Thinking like a squirrel you can use some stowed away foliage for a dried flower bouquet.

Each Dried Flower in a Book..

Has their Own Love Story….

Ankita Ghatkare

Brody trick/tip of the day

For fluffy frosting or flaky pastry, dot the butter or Crisco on the beater before mixing.

Brody is on the lookout for you too and wants to see your smile. If you are nuts for Brody, let him know and keep that tail wagging.

Brody is Ready for Winter

At first Brody was not sure about wearing a coat. Now he jumps for joy because a coat equals a walk.

At Brody’s home a display was created to send a photo to a family learning about quilting bees.

Brody and Jake decided to jump in the photo. They were thinking, blankets everywhere what a wonderful improvement!

Brody bouquet and quote of the day.

A photo with or without Brody can take your mind back to a summer day.

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

John Steinbeck

Brody trick/tip of the day

To apply muscle rub or sunblock to your back without help, fold a long piece of plastic wrap, add the cream and sling it over your back, work it around with one hand at your shoulder and one hand at your hip.

This week Instead of turkey leftovers how about a Brody burrito?

Couldn’t you just eat him up! Brody hopes that the pieces of your day fit together to wrap you up warm and cozy like a hug. If Brody warms your heart, be sure to let him know and keep that tail wagging.